Mitchell Creek Rock 'N' Blues Fest

The Blueskillet Rovers

What do you get if you combine refined gentlemen, talented musicians, a comedian, working class folk, hillbillies and a school teacher? 
The Blueskillet Rovers!

Members include, Multi-instrumentalists Matt Elliott and Miss Jodie, Blues Historian Josh Rust, Jazz extraordinaires Julian Smith and Glenn Kellett, Big Band conductor and Street Parader Ben VanKleef and Megaphone man Scotty Crommuntuyn.
These guys (and gal) can transport you to the early days of Blues and Jazz, with their foot stompin’ , thigh slappin’, smile inducing, good old fashion happy music. Playing Skiffle or Jug band style instruments, such as Banjo, Upright bass, Resonator guitar, Washboard, Kazoo, Trombone, Trumpet and Harmonicas, this highly entertaining group plays Old Timey Traditional tunes, with a splash of  more contemporary blues, with an acoustic vibe.