Mitchell Creek Rock 'N' Blues Fest

COVID-19 Safe Plan

COVID-19 Safe PlanWe have all Government necessary approvals and a COVID-19 safe approved compliance operational plan. You will be safe, and you will have a great time!

We cannot allow large crowds to mix in front of stage-mosh-pit and have strict cleaning practices in place for all amenities. We have spent over $50,000 on COVID-19 low to no risk practices to gain Government approval to hold the event so at no time should you feel unsafe nor mingle in any crowd, security will not allow this to happen.

It will be a seated spaced out Arena of 10,000 square metres so you bring your chairs and esky and claim your spot for the weekend with your friends and family. Social distancing is mandatory with your neighbours.

Pin a ribbon on the ground in a square with 2 metres between you and your neighbour.

Small marques are allowed around the perimeter only and to the back and to not block the VIP marques, (there will be 2 this year one on each side of the stages).

Campgrounds on the 100-acre property follow the same rules. Only family and friend groups are allowed together but must not mingle in other camps.

This will be predominantly a Queenslander-only event with a Queensland All Star's Line Up.

To all our friends interstate we will miss you if the border restrictions are not lifted we will contact you if you can not attend so refunds can be processed one week after the event.