Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues Fest - Soul Men - Blues Brothers Tribute Show

Soul Men - Blues Brothers Tribute Show

There once was a band that played a Blues Brothers tribute show, but what happens when you outshine the ‘tribute’ mantle? Allow me to introduce you to The Soul Men.

A big band comprised of four instrumentalists in the rhythm section, three in the brass section and three dynamic vocalists, The Soul Men energise the stage with a mixture of dance, laughter and the kind of tunes that’ll make you mourn what music once was. Over the years The Soul Men have earned many notches on their belts as they have performed for countless charity events and festivals, such as: Kids With Cancer, Flood Relief, and the great Mitchell Creek Rock ‘N’ Blues Fest. With every gig the band acquired more members, until they reached the full quotient of ten musicians to present the Blues Brothers as faithfully as possible. With the band back together, the choreography spirited and the jokes loaded the only thing the band needed was a pair of wheels. In true Blues Brothers fashion The Soul Men acquired a ’77 Fairlane fully-loaded with a Cleveland 351 and transformed it into the Blues Mobile, which will feature at Mitchell Creek Rock and Blues Fest this year.

The Soul Men aren’t just a tribute act; they’re a time-machine to an era where dropping the bass actually meant dropping your bass guitar. You won’t find an act like this anywhere, so shake a tail feather and go catch them live at Mitchell Creek Rock and Blues Fest.

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