Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues Fest - Lightnin Jack

Lightnin Jack

Over the last three decades, Jack's musical journey has seen him go from busking and bootlegging CDs to releasing three studio albums. His latest live recording features the dynamic percussion of Callum Kramer from The Southern River Band, adding an electrifying dimension to his performance.

Jack's extensive live experience, averaging over 120 shows annually, showcases his versatility, from intimate acoustic sets featuring lap steel and crooning lyrics to high-energy festival performances. His music captures a unique Blues Roots Grunge style, characterized by valve amp tones and heavy electric grind.

Having shared stages with the likes of The Angels, Phil Emmanuel, Roshani, Blue Shaddy, Tony Joe White, Ash Grunwald, and The Southern River Band, Jack's musical journey is both diverse and impressive.

Jack's passion for music was sparked at an early age, performing on stage and busking since he was 12. His dedication to the craft is unwavering, with roots in an early encounter with Johnny Cash and The Highwaymen. Jack's determination is evident in his performances, where he channels a lifetime of musical devotion.

He has traveled extensively as a bluesman, supporting various acts and establishing his own name, all while covering thousands of kilometers each year. Jack's downtime is spent in the serene landscapes of Western Australia, tending to gardens, crops, and pursuing his love for fishing.

Lightnin Jack continues to evolve as a third-generation musician, leaving an indelible mark on the Australian music scene, all the while following his true calling with unwavering determination.

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