Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues Fest - HER



HER is fronted by Mish Cat Davie, known for her powerful voice. Mish returned to her rock roots in 2018, partnered with world renowned Bass Player Jerome Smith & wrote a Stella Debut Album "Before our Time" HER, released in 2022. Recently HER have written, produced & released an EP "Toe Tag" toured Vic in Nov 23. The band is now back in the studio recording their second Album, if this EP is any indication, this next Album will go down in history as a killer. Band members include Jerome Smith Bassist & world renowned musician who has toured the world with the likes of Keith Richards, Divinyls & the late Billy Thorpe to name a few.

Lead & Rhythm Guitar - Nelson Yeung
A multi-instrumentalist, he's skills in production have seen him produce tracks for bands like Swim Season, Black & White & MOTIONVILLE. Although much of Nelson’s roots as a guitar player lie heavily in rock and blues. Lead & Rhythm Guitar - Christian Foyle lead & rhythm guitarist, saxophone player, Christian currently performs & tours regularly with Human Nature.
Keyboard - Dianne Blackham, hails from the Rock Metal scene and is influenced by bands with a more melodic rock Style. Di plays a crucial part in creating the a progressive, classic rock soul sound reminiscent of the 70' Deep Purple days. Drums - Mark McLeod.

After performing as a member of The Screaming Jets for many year, Mark is now an integral full time member of HER - holding it down with his incredible diverse drumming vocabulary, he is the perfect addition to this classic rock lineup. Inspired by the sounds of Deep Purple, Toto, Zed Zeppelin, Steve Vai & Frank Zappa. In 1997 Mark Joined Sub Sonic Symphony which saw him touring Europe, Paris, London, Canada & Hong.

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