Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues Fest - Cass Eager

Cass Eager

"If Amy Winehouse and Sharon Jones had a love child, it would be Cass Eager,” Mark Winkler, platinum award-winning lyricist.

Cass is an R&B soul blues singer with a sound that embodies old-school cool with bold sexy optimism. Her sound takes its cue from a vintage sonic swagger a-la Amy Winehouse and Sharon Jones, and when you press play you’ll want to be sipping cocktails at your favourite lounge bar in LA with best friends and lovers alike.

Cass’s songs remind you that if the champagne glass isn’t already full, then it’s at least half-full (and definitely never empty). Her signature chocolate-coated vocals are drenched in a feel-good vibe and her megawatt smile and natural charisma draw you in with gravitational force. Her songs shine a light on the woman you've been, the one you are becoming, and the one you’re meant to be.

Cass’ single “The Way I Feel About You” and its crowd-sourced video during lockdown captured the imagination of her fans and industry. Her song “Ain’t No Stopping Me” hit over 1.6M streams on a recent US Hyundai commercial, and her music has also been featured on a US McDonalds commercial, as well as multiple TV shows on Amazon Prime, Nine Network and E! channels. Her last two singles “Back To Gold” and “If You Were My King” showed love in its glorious opposites; one sensual and visceral, and the other dividing up the kingdom in the power of an equal alliance.

Cass’ upcoming album ‘Modern History’ is music made for both lovers and fighters. It illuminates love in its multitude of forms - self-love, romantic love, and love for life itself. Throughout the album there is a sense of empowerment that comes from self-awareness - a testament to the strength of a woman. Several songs were written in collaboration with lyricist Stephanie Morton-Small and producer Bill Lefler, and will be released in 2023.

A few years ago, Cass headed to LA and carved out a whole new sound; a love of classic soul, Motown and R&B mixed with a blend of the new West Coast. If you’ve heard Eager’s earlier albums and loved them, don’t worry. At its core, her new sound still carries the blues, but this time around influenced by LA-based producer Billy Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson, Avril Lavigne). Her dreamy old-soul voice swaying across smooth swaggered lo-fi sonic terrain; fierce and irreverent lyrics bringing out the self-love and lover in us all, all while steeped in the power of a woman. 

“I write songs to try to - in the words of the great Dolly Parton - 'make them laugh, make them cry, scare the hell out of them,'” Cass says.

She’s performed for Prince Harry and done several tours of duty entertaining the international troops from Egypt to East Timor, the Middle East to the Solomon Islands.  She’s won crowds over at festivals around Australia and several tours across North America with the likes of Bob Egan (Wilco, Blue Rodeo) and Ash Grunwald, dropping her joy bomb wherever she lands. She’s performed with artists such as Michael Franti and Spearhead, and her EP ‘Down On My Knees’ was voted Top 10 Album of the year in Rhythms Magazine.

Cass finds joy in hammocks, road trips, coffee, whiskey, sunsets, the moon, the ocean, anything vintage, rebels, muses, young-at-hearts, palm trees, velvet, denim, soul, R&B, rock’n’roll and eternal adventure.

Soul legend Al Green told Cass - in his church one Sunday in Memphis - "good things are gonna happen to you girl,"  and she won’t ever stop believing.


"More soul than Heaven on a busy." Brag

"One of the best female singers in Australia." Richard Glover, ABC Radio

"Eager had fans standing in the streets fully mesmerised...she never lets up." Scenestr

"A voice so sweet she could sing the phonebook and you wouldn't get bored." Diesel, Recording Artist

"The girl with the golden voice." Daily Examiner

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