Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues Fest - The Hoochers

The Hoochers

The Hoochers are a dynamic 5 - 9 piece group based in the Byron Bay Hinterland (Rainbow Region) of NSW, playing what they call Funkafide Blues – Blues with a dash of jazzy funk.

BIG up-front DyNaMiC vocals from a little lady called Miss Jodie, chunky, funky lead and rhythm guitar, and SOLID bass and drum sounds for a tight, Yip-Yah rhythm section, provides the basic ingredients for their visually exciting, high quality, energetic and entertaining, show.   

Additional condiments include trombone, trumpet, flute, Congas, and the occasional sprinkling of harmonica amongst the funk. The Hoochers play an assorted and original blend of funk, jazz, rock, blues, swing, bop and jive that culminates into this Funkafide Blues.

A culmination of new and old styles appealing to young and old alike.   

Bound to get ya movin!!

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