Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues Fest - As You Are

As You Are

The music of As You Are is a synthesis of modern folk instrumentation, dancing hammered dulcimer, soaring flutes and whistles, an explosion of percussion, smouldering didgeridoo and distinctive vocals.

As You Are have been playing Worldwide and consistently around Australia and Europe for the last 8 years. Based on the Sunshine Coast as part of the vibrant music scene, they have created a unique sound and a faithful following to match.

The most invigorating, rejuvenating and stimulating experience awaits you in the music of As You Are. Get ready to tantalise your senses, be spiritually uplifted and musically stirred with the Global sound and the compelling performance of As You Are’s music.

Stories of wild adventures from nomadic travels far and wide, encounters with all different people wonderful and unique and a celebration of the rainbow of diversity, Rodger and Charly live the dream.

As You Are create songs about the lore of the land, the beauty of and the meaning in nature, love, and a healthy dose of Australian culture. 

The definitive and beautifully unique blend of World Fusion will take you on a journey like never before. Follow ‘As You Are’ into the Dreaming melodies throughout the storylines and landlines of time.

Feel the pulsing earth grooves of tribal drums, blending djembes, congas, doumbek, talking drum and deep, earth rhythms. As You Are fuse together ancient vibrations of didgeridoo, mesmerising songs and mantras, glorious harmonies, pinned with soothing keys, hauntingly beautiful harps, Middle Eastern melodies of hammered dulcimer as well as a range of different flutes and whistles from around the world.

From the desert to the ocean, the forest to the mountains, As You Are create the perfect soundscape to feed your mind, body and soul. Uniquely synthesising tribal, folk and native with powerful beats and grooves, you will find a true love and celebration of all nations, and an overwhelming respect for our planet and it’s every living creature.

Float upon the soundwaves and fly with the soaring songs of As You Are’s musical adventure.

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